NotVeryCleverBot (January 2013–)

A highly experimental AI commenting robot for the Reddit social network. 21 watchers and 6 forks on Github. 6,401 comment "karma" points on Github. It is written in Python, and it utilizes a MongoDB database with about 20 million comments (and growing).

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Flood-It Game Solver (Fall 2012–)

A pure coffeescript solver for the NP-hard game "flood-it". Implements:

  • A greedy solver (used as a heuristic) with limited lookahead
  • Navigation meshes computed with a modified version of Dijkstra's algorithm
  • An A-Star solver
  • A custom minheap implementation used by the A-Star and Dijkstra's solvers

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SocialVPN:Next (Summer 2012–)

An extension of my work on SocialVPN over Summer 2010, this time under the University Scholar's Program:

  • Complete rewrite
  • Was a lead developer
  • Raw packet networking with Linux
  • Made new web-browser based UI

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iDigBio (Summer 2012)

Wrote packaging scripts for a Python-based user-friendly upload tool. Targets were:

iDigBio is an NSF 10+ year project, so a strong emphasis was placed on maintainability. Work was done under an undergraduate research fellowship.

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Acheron (Fall 2012–Spring 2013)

A daemon to interface between the StrongSwan IPSec daemon and GroupVPN to provide encrypted communication over GroupVPN's Brunet P2P network. Acheron will be used to provide communication for Contrail, a cross-cloud computing framework. This project represents a collaboration between UF and VU University in Amsterdam.

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CBCJVM (2009–2011)

Coordinated with developers all over the world to develop a set of various C bindings, high level wrappers, to enable easy Java development on a Chumby-based robotics platform.

  • Made extensive use of JNI, the Java Native Interface
  • "Outstanding Conference Paper Submission" award at the Global Conference for Educational Robotics
  • Later officially adopted by the competition's organization

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Brunet/SocialVPN (Summer 2010)

Under the direction of several UF graduate students for the UF Student Science Training Program:

  • Extended an existing C# VPN tool
  • Added support for the use of UPnP, through a NAT-like system
  • Free software under the MIT/X11 License

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Botguy-NG (2011)

A python bot to help with the moderation and use of an IRC channel. It was designed for the #botball channel on, but many of its features were designed in a generalized fashion.

  • A large feature-set without sacrificing security
  • A modular plugin system that allows extension without bloat
  • Submitted patches to upstream IRC library

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Programing Languages

  • Python 2 and 3
  • Coffeescript and Javascript
  • JavaSE and C#
  • C and C++
  • Haskell
  • Adobe Actionscript 3

Markup Languages

  • LaTeX
  • ReStructuredText
  • Markdown
  • HTML and HTML5
  • CSS, SCSS, and LessCSS
  • JSON and YAML


  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • Bash, Zsh, and POSIX Shell
  • VIM
  • Git DVCS
  • Chef and Puppet
  • Vagrant